Dear Diary,

Dear Immortal Diary, I Messed Up

Did we all count how long my 2018 resolution to write more lasted? I didn’t, but my best friend reminded me it was something like three days. My resolution for last year lasted three days…

I honestly, can’t say that I’m surprised. What I can say is that I want to try again. Here we go, immortals, here we go. On this the roman year of two thousand and nineteen I, Lady Epi, shall write a blog post as often as I very well please. It will definitely be more often, and it will most likely not be every day, but it will happen.

This and hopefully I’ll keep writing this silly little fiction novel that has popped into my head. Have you ever started writing and needed to know where your character ends up so you keep writing in hopes of finding out if they attain all their hopes and dreams?

xo and warm tea steam,

Lady Epi

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