Dear Diary,

Dear Immortal Diary, Celebration All Around!

Friends are out there! I had the joy of recently celebrating something very magical with a bunch of my friends, and I realized something I have been waiting for finally happened: I made a home in Miami. Stick with me for a second, you’ll see why it’s so special to me.

I have been trying to create a shift in my perspective for a while, you see I can tend to be quite negative. Just one-track mind, blinders on, woe is me, pity party negative. But recently I’ve been using this special kind of magic, a magic that has changed how I look at my reality. I call it– Gratitude.

Ok, ok other people call it that and I’ve just been following in their footsteps.

You see, not too long ago I was completely unhappy about being “stuck” in Miami. I also wasn’t thrilled about being single because for some reason that means I am completely “alone” in this world…I don’t know. None of that is true! Obviously.

The whole single and lonely business sucks sometimes, but that’s a decision I’ve made for certain reasons (maybe I’ll share sometime on a different post). And I it turns out I am not “stuck” in Miami.

So what happened recently that punched me in the face with this new realization? I had the luck of celebrating Nany and Gabe’s baby shower with them! Congratulations again!

They are two of the magical humans I have the privilege of calling friends. They live here with me in this forever summer wasteland. My other favorite humans were there too: Gaby, Alex, and Vero.

Foto by @legendaryalex

These people are some of the immortals who have showed me how  good friendships can make your life vastly different. So here is a gratitude post celebrating their existence.

Look at Gaby giving that face and fashion.


Dress: Diana Dress in Deadly Damask Print by Elvira Mistress of the Dark (Pinupgirlclothing)
Shoes: Irregular Choice
Accessories: Thrifted!

Is it hot as a dragon’s testicle sack in Miami? Yes. Are people the friendliest? No. Do I have the beauty of seasons taking me from one month to the next? No. But the friends here have changed it all! So thank you again!

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